License to Kill: Unbeatable (According to Me)

N64 Goldeneye 007

Wish I could run from flames like that.

The first video game system we had in my household was the glorious Nintendo 64. I have fond memories of playing Golden Eye 007, so yes, I was a bad-ass little six year old girl. My favorite deathmatch setting was License to Kill, the mode where a single shot from any weapon would instantly kill the other players. It was great; I developed an awesome technique that I utilize not only in other video games, but in my personal and professional life as well.

I would always play with my brothers, both of whom are intelligent (don’t tell them) and older than me. Therefore, I developed this technique out of necessity:

  1. Get a gun. Any gun. This is License to Kill, so just grab whatever.
  2. Run to the biggest main room available in the game.
  3. Crouch down.
  4. Spin.
  5. Spontaneously shoot until you win or die.

While some of you might just roll your eyes or laugh or equate this to button mashing in Soul Caliber (more of the merits of that in another post), this was actually a very well thought out and practiced regimen that I used. I would run to the largest room because I knew my brothers would eventually run there, guaranteeing me kills. I would crouch down every single time because who expects to aim low when entering a giant room with a gun? I would spin and spontaneously shoot to defend myself on all sides and effectively kill anyone who came in from any door (thinking about this actually explains why our joysticks were always kinda loose). I knew it was effective because my brothers stopped wanting to play License to Kill with me because I was unstoppable (not because they were getting bored of just sniping me out).

Screenshot of Goldeneye 007 deathmatch

Look at those graphics! How was I allowed to play this?

I applied myself to this technique wholeheartedly, and the only other deathmatch I liked to play was The Man with the Golden Gun because I could essentially apply the same techniques as long as I got to the golden pistol first. I still do this with pretty much anything. I get extremely prepared, I get extremely excited, and then I get reckless and spontaneous and I tend to get great results. I’m almost positive it’s how I receive A’s in my computer science classes.

My suggestion to you? Dive into projects and work and relationships a little too deep and don’t come up for air until the last second, because it’s that dizzying light-headed-ness that tells you you’ve pushed yourself to your limits and done something amazing. Or it tells you that you’ve been staring at the TV for too long, and you should probably stop trying to beat your brothers in Golden Eye 007 deathmatches, and you should probably just go sort Pokemon cards or play with beanie babies.

Holographic Mew Pokemon Card

I remember being so excited to have this card…and then being so disappointed in it.


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