How to Enjoy Alumni Weekend…as a Student

For a link to the official schedule of all the UDel Alumni Weekend events, scroll to the bottom of the post.

I only know about Alumni Weekend for two reasons:

  1. I work at the UD Student Phone Program, part of the Office of Development, which works closely with Alumni Relations.
  2. The University of Delaware thinks that I am an alumni.

Or at least I can only assume, since they send me random alumni-related mailings and emails every once in a while.

UD Alumni Weekend 2013 Header

Alright, three reasons why I want to go to Alumni Weekend, which is May 31st – June 2nd:

  1. Free stuff and good deals.
  2. Networking opportunities.
  3. Blue Hen Pride.

Alright, so here’s a breakdown of how I’m going to address each of those things.

Free Stuff and Deals

$40, Mug Night Dela-bration: Live music, about 2,500 people partying on the Green, free mug, free t-shirt, and endless food and drinks. Also, how often do you get to chug beer on the Green (before a Public Safety guy shows up)?

Mug Night on the Green

If you think about it, just dinner, dessert, and three drinks would probably cost about $40. So I’m claiming this as a Great Deal.

$30, Dela-Brews 101: Even though the wordplay in the title is weak, this beer taste testing includes Dogfish Head Brewery, Twin Lakes, Iron Hill, 16 Mile, Stewart’s Brewing, Argilla, and 3rd Wave. So far. Plus extra prizes are up for grabs. Good Deal.

$5, Inside Scoop on UDairy Creamery: This is the only time of the year that UDairy Creamery opens its magical and mysterious doors to let worshipers like us come see how to make ice cream…straight from the UD cows themselves. Plus, free taste tests. Decent Deal.

$5, Greening Your Landscape: Before you start snoring, just know that you get a free native plant and materials about environmentally friendly landscaping practices. Decent Deal.

FREE, College Receptions (except for CEHD & AGNR, which are $5): My college, the College of Arts & Sciences, is offering free food and drinks, plus live music, to celebrate not only the college, but the study abroad programs here as well.

I would also like to stop by the Alfred Lerner College’s reception, though, since they’re offering cocktails, desserts, and coffee. They’re skipping dinner. They’re geniuses. Good Deal.

FREE, “Imaging Biology” talk by Roger Wagner, Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences: 3D glasses. Popcorn. I guess you’ll learn about imaging biological specimens, including 3D and modeling stuff. “Come learn and enjoy some fantastic images.” I’ll just repeat 3D glasses and popcorn. Good Deal.

Networking Opportunities

Uh, duh! The whole thing is a networking opportunity. However, since people are there to relax and relive glory days, reserve the eager beaver elevator pitches for these times:

UD Regional Alumni Club Volunteer Training: a bunch of alumni who are coming together to exchange ideas about leadership, events, and connecting alumni with one other.

Blue Hen CareerTube: people who want to be featured giving advice to us starry eyed students will be filming at the Career Services building on Saturday. I suggest dropping in and seeing who’s there.

Backyard Gardening: Grow Your Own Food, by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources: So, I know a lot of people with gardens. A lot of them also have awesome jobs. Give back to your community by supporting the Food Bank of Delaware, and give back to yourself by stopping by and meeting up with other UD alumni. What better way to get a job than by bonding over weeding?

Career specific events: Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering Alumni Golf Outing, Tracking the Perfect Storm with the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, Healthcare Theatre Performance with the College of Health Sciences, Biological Sciences Showcase, the Buzz on Beekeeping and Honey with the College of Agriculture.

Plus, hello, those awesome College Receptions where they give out free stuff. Give away your own free stuff by bringing contact cards.

Blue Hen Pride

Cool events I want to attend because I’ve spent the last three years of my life here, have another year to go, and because I care about the future of this place. Group awwww. Somewhere, a baby blue hen was just born.

State of the University: part pomp and circumstance, part good stuff to know about the well-being of our school. President Harker will go over current and future projects, what cool stuff some recent graduates are doing, and how smart the incoming class is (I already hate any of them who got over a 2040 on the SATs. Go home. Just kidding. Welcome).

ISE Lab tours: Um, the Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Lab’s construction has been keeping me awake in the mornings for months, so I think I deserve to see the inside before I graduate. Plus, I’m curious how much of it is lab versus classroom space, plus which students will be using the space.

UD Slideshow & Historic Walking Tour with Professor David Ames: Alright, our campus is gorgeous. It’s pretty much why I came here over Lehigh. I just want to know its history and the architectural history of our buildings, mmkay?

Memorial Hall -- image of when it was first built.

To look up the location and date and times for all of these things, since I have inconveniently not listed them, go here: The Schedule

That’s also where you go to register. After you register, you become a part of the creep list. The creep list is the list of all the alumni who have already registered, plus their @Twitter names so you can tweet at them. What up, more networking opportunities!

See you guys there!


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